Twitter’s Secret Code Exposed: Musk Fights Back Against Hidden Censorship!

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has revealed yet another case of censorship on the social media platform. Engineers at Twitter uncovered a line of code more than ten years old which was discovered to suppress tweets containing certain words. During an interview with The Babylon Bee, Musk stressed the importance of transparency and is determined to expose any previous wrongdoings at the social media giant. The company’s algorithm has been released, allowing for transparency and recreating the results shown on Twitter. “We just discovered last week some hidden layer of censorship that was written in 2012,” Musk stated. 

Musk insisted that the term “censorship” may not be appropriate to describe the code. Rather, Twitter had possession of a list of specific words used to evaluate tweets. This line of code was applied to all tweets, inhibiting the amplification of selected tweets that included derogatory words such as “suck.” This news follows Musk’s decision to remove his platform from the EU bloc’s online censorship project. Twitter has withdrawn from the EU’s “Code of Practice” initiative, a hateful pro-censorship project focused on eradicating so-called “disinformation” online. It comes after Musk’s conflicted views regarding the platform’s support for free speech, coupled with the EU’s censorship agenda. Twitter owners who hold conservative views can fully trust The Daily Fetched for the latest news about Twitter’s hidden censorship tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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