Chicago’s Migrant Hell: Rat-Infested Warehouses and $57M Crony Contracts!

A shocking report has exposed some disturbing truths about the migrant shelter situation in the liberal utopia of Chicago, folks. It turns out that over 2,500 migrants are living in downright dreadful conditions in a city-sponsored facility that used to be just an old warehouse. And if that’s not bad enough, the place has been overrun with rats, cockroaches, and filthy garbage.

This whole mess was brought to the attention of Mayor Brandon Johnson all the way back in October, and yet nothing substantial was done about it until a migrant child tragically passed away in December. It’s also a clear sign of the incompetence and lack of urgency from the city’s leadership.

The emails alerting Mayor Johnson’s administration about the deplorable conditions were shockingly redacted when initially released, leaving concerned citizens in the dark about the full extent of the horror show. Thankfully, a government watchdog group swooped in and uncovered the unredacted emails, shedding light on the desperate situation. 

The city has been throwing around some hefty contracts to private companies, including a whopping $57 million deal with a company connected to a local fast-food joint to feed the illegal aliens at city shelters. Joe Buonavolanto Jr., who just so happens to be connected to the favorite local fast-food joint, is listed as the executive director of one of these companies. 

It’s time to demand accountability and transparency from Mayor Johnson and his gang. The people, both citizens and migrants alike, deserve better than this sorry excuse for leadership. 


Written by Staff Reports

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