Rogan Blasts Liberal Lunacy: Too Wild for Woke Left!

The world-famous Joe Rogan has officially had it up to here with the liberal loonies in the political arena. It’s no surprise to anyone with half a brain, since straying from their narrow-minded beliefs lands you on their naughty list faster than you can say “freedom of speech.” Rogan recently made it clear that he can no longer stand with the leftists. He and comedian Bobby Lee got real on his podcast, calling out the cult-like behavior and wacky ideas running amok in liberal America.

Believe it or not, Rogan used to be one of them. Yep, he admits that in his younger days, he was sipping the liberal Kool-Aid. And even now, he’s still got a little love for their side, supporting things like universal health care. But hold onto your hats, because he’s also all about gun rights and saying whatever the heck you want.

That doesn’t fly with the leftists, who attack anyone daring to critique their sacred cows. Rogan’s had enough of the endless demands to fall in line or be labeled a weirdo, particularly when it comes to the whole transgender bathroom hullabaloo. He’s seen enough creeps trying to exploit that situation, but the left just keeps on pushing their agenda like it’s the next civil rights movement.

He dared to question the efficacy of the COVID cocktail, and man, did they come for him. When he took ivermectin to treat his symptoms, they practically lit the torches and grabbed their pitchforks. It’s not even about politics for Rogan; he just wants to talk about all kinds of ideas and the folks who hold them on his podcast. But the left can’t handle that, because it’s a threat to their whole shebang. When people are allowed to express themselves freely, it messes with the left’s plans to control the narrative. 

Written by Staff Reports

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