Chilean Burglars Exploit Biden’s Lax Border Policies in US Heists

Police in Oakland County, Michigan, have been dealing with a new trend where sophisticated burglars from Chile travel to the U.S. to commit high-end thefts. These criminals use electronic jammers and carefully plan their heists, targeting valuables like jewelry and cash. The Sheriff of Oakland County mentioned that these criminals move from one area to another, committing crimes before moving on to the next location.

This rise in “burglary tourism” has been linked to President Biden’s open border policies, which have made it easier for individuals from other countries to enter the U.S. Chile’s status as a U.S. Visa Waiver program country has also contributed to this situation, allowing Chileans to enter the country without a visa and with minimal vetting. Some have suggested that Chile’s visa-exempt status should be reevaluated to prevent these criminal activities.

This issue underscores the ongoing border crisis that has been a concern since President Biden took office in 2021. The inability to secure the border effectively has led to various criminal activities, from theft to more severe crimes like murder and sexual violence. The situation in Oakland County is just one example of the challenges law enforcement agencies face due to the lack of border security.

Conservatives argue that stronger border controls and immigration policies are necessary to prevent criminals from taking advantage of the system. President Biden’s administration has been criticized for its handling of border security, with calls for stricter measures to protect American communities. The issue of “burglary tourism” serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing border security to ensure the safety and security of the country.

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