China Accuses US of Hindering Progress in Tense Beijing Talks

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, accused the United States of holding back China’s progress in a recent meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The meeting took place in Beijing, China, where the two officials tried to improve relations between their countries and resolve ongoing trade and policy disagreements.

Yi claimed that the U.S. had unreasonably suppressed China’s development rights and created challenges for its core interests. While Blinken encouraged active diplomacy to achieve the objectives set by Presidents Biden and Xi, Yi highlighted the growing negative factors in the relationship between the two superpowers.

Yi also expressed concerns about various U.S. policies affecting China, including issues related to Taiwan, China’s diplomatic autonomy, and the South China Sea. Blinken emphasized the importance of direct discussions to address their differences and avoid misunderstandings or miscalculations.


The meeting reflected the ongoing tensions between the United States and China, with both sides seeking to assert their interests and work toward resolving their disputes through direct diplomacy. Despite attempts to stabilize the relationship, the underlying issues between the two countries remain a significant challenge that needs to be addressed.

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