GOP Demands Action to Protect Jewish Students Amid Campus Unrest

The Republican Party is calling for action to protect minority students on college campuses across the country. The GOP argues that President Joe Biden and Democrats have failed to stand up for the safety of Jewish-American students as pro-Palestinian and Hamas supporters have caused chaos and fear at several schools.

The issue came to a head at Columbia University in New York, where pro-Palestinian protesters gathered to demand the school divest from Israel. The university moved to remote learning for the safety of students after a prominent rabbi warned Jewish students that their safety on campus couldn’t be guaranteed.


Protesters at Columbia have utilized chants calling for the destruction of Israel and have shown support for terrorist actions. Republican leaders are calling for the school’s president to resign if order cannot be restored swiftly.

Sen. Tom Cotton and Speaker Mike Johnson have recommended deploying the National Guard to the university to restore order. They reference President Dwight Eisenhower’s decision in the 1950s to send the National Guard to protect African American students at Little Rock, Arkansas’ Central High School, as a precedent for federal action to ensure the safety of students.

Another senator, Josh Hawley, made a similar call, citing Eisenhower’s decision and urging Biden to take similar action to protect Jewish Americans.

Conservatives argue that this moment requires moral clarity and decisive leadership, evoking the examples of past presidents who took action to ensure all Americans' safety and equal rights.

The GOP’s stance on this issue highlights their commitment to protecting the safety and well-being of all students on college campuses. They argue that standing up for the safety of minority students, in this case Jewish Americans, is paramount, and direct federal action may be necessary to ensure their rights and safety are protected.

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