Christie’s 2024 Bid: Desperate Plea for Attention, Gains Fake GOP Fans

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in a bid to become the presidential nominee for the GOP in 2024, has announced his candidacy despite recent polls showing that he trails behind former Representative Liz Cheney. Christie’s announcement was accompanied by a public statement about how he alone is tough enough to stand up to ex-President Trump. Christie’s sudden change of heart about Trump accompanies the latter’s endorsement of Christie in 2016, but is also tainted by the fact that he even helped Trump prepare for the presidential debates against Joe Biden in 2020.

Christie has been teasing a run for the presidency for some time now, but his lack of genuine conservative credentials have led him to gain only “endorsements” from dubious sources. Notably among his “supporters” are Washington Post columnist and pseudo-conservative Jennifer Rubin, far-left “View” co-host Joy Behar, and former Washington Post “reporter” Philip Bump; surely, no true red-blooded Republican would ever be caught dead being associated with such individuals.

Trump’s reaction to Christie’s announcement was to mock the former New Jersey Governor’s longwinded speech and his constant use of the word “small”. Trump went on to categorize the speech as dull, directionless, and unwatchable, suggesting that Christie needs to find his own voice outside of simply being reactionary to Trump’s.

While Christie’s presidential run is certainly an uphill battle, it’s hard to argue against anyone who points out his dubious credentials and lack of true conservative conviction. However, one can’t deny that this announcement ensures that his name will be back in the news cycle, even if only for a brief period.

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Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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