CNN Analyst Defends Georgia Indictments: Claims Lawyering Isn’t a Crime!

CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig gave his two cents on the recent indictments surrounding the Fulton County case involving John Eastman and 18 other co-defendants. Honig made it clear that legal theories alone shouldn’t automatically result in criminal charges, and he emphasized that being an aggressive lawyer does not make one a criminal. Eastman’s attorney defended his client, stating that he was simply a lawyer trying to come up with creative ideas to challenge the electoral college count. Honig agreed with this assessment, pointing out that lawyers often reach for legal arguments in their pursuit of justice.

However, Honig also acknowledged the challenge of determining when aggressive lawyering crosses the line into criminal behavior. While losing a case in the Supreme Court is not a crime, knowingly submitting false information or manipulating legal processes for illegal ends might be. The conversation then turned to Mark Meadows, who is seeking to transfer his case from a state court to a federal one. Honig expressed doubt that a federal judge would intervene in the specifics of Meadows’ surrender to Fulton County.

One of the defendants, David Schaefer, claimed in court filings that he acted under the direction of the former president and other federal officials. Honig dismissed this defense as having limited merit, drawing parallels to arguments made by some January 6th insurrectionists. As the legal saga unfolds, Honig accurately noted that these are just the beginning stages, with many months of litigation ahead.

Meanwhile, John Eastman maintained his belief in the stolen election narrative, undeterred by the indictment. When asked if he still thinks the election was stolen, Eastman responded with a resounding “Absolutely.” The infamous Rudy Giuliani also chimed in, announcing that he had turned himself in to Georgia prosecutors. Giuliani proclaimed his commitment to defending the rights of all Americans and accused his accusers of destroying his right to counsel and be a lawyer. Giuliani and the former president will soon be meeting with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to discuss the charges against them.

As the drama continues to unfold, it becomes increasingly clear that allegations of election tampering and conspiracy are at the forefront. Giuliani’s comparison of the charges against him to those typically used against mobsters and criminal enterprises certainly adds an intriguing twist to the narrative. Stay tuned for more as this legal battle promises to be a long and contentious one.

Written by Staff Reports

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