Shocking Maui Wildfire Cover-Up: Kids Missing, Police Assault Hero Journalist!

In a shocking turn of events, courageous citizen journalist Nick Sortor found himself in a headlock as he attempted to enquire the mayor about the missing youngsters from the devastating Maui wildfire. While the mainstream media continues to turn a blind eye to this important issue, Sortor has been relentless in his pursuit of the truth.


Sortor boldly proclaimed, “Mayor Bissen knows the answer, but he’s hiding it!” The mayor has been trying to discredit Sortor, but that hasn’t stopped him from uncovering shocking details about this cover-up. According to Sortor’s investigations, children were burned alive in the wildfire. He has even received firsthand accounts from locals who discovered baby bones in car seats and the heartbreaking sight of a young boy protecting his dog from the inferno.

The gravity of this situation cannot be ignored. Four schools in Lahaina catered to over 3,000 students, yet only 400 have enrolled in other schools. An additional 200 are now forced into virtual learning. This raises the urgent question: Where are the children, Mr. Mayor? Sortor is demanding answers, and the people deserve to know the truth.

In a shocking video that captured the incident, Sortor is seen being handled roughly by cops as he continuously presses the mayor for information regarding the unexplained corpses and missing children. Finally, Mayor Bissen confessed that he didn’t know how many children had perished. This admission only adds fuel to the fire of suspicion surrounding the government’s handling of this tragedy.

There have also been reports of a formal media blackout on recent photos from Maui. A FEMA letter dated August 19, 2023, revealed that individuals on the ground were asked to stop posting any imagery of the disaster. This blatant attempt to control the flow of information raises concerns about transparency and the suppression of crucial details.

Even Fox News’ Will Cain has acknowledged the media blackout in West Maui, stating, “They tried to censor us and shut us down. ‘West Maui is a media free zone.’ They have this place on info lockdown from Waihee to Maalaea.” It is unacceptable to control information and sow distrust among the public. The people of Maui deserve access to the truth.

Sortor’s relentless reporting has shed light on the dire situation in Maui. When asked about the military’s involvement in setting up camps and providing supplies for survivors, Sortor revealed a disturbing truth. It’s essentially all volunteer and non-profit operations, with FEMA doing practically nothing. This lack of effective disaster relief is deeply frustrating.

Despite these failures, Deanne Criswell, the administrator of FEMA, says that she and Biden have maintained constant contact throughout the entire catastrophe response. However, the evidence suggests otherwise. The people of Maui deserve better than empty promises and inaction.

It is time for the government to be held accountable and for the truth to prevail. Thanks to brave citizen journalists like Sortor, the secrets surrounding the missing children and the government’s response to the Maui wildfire will be exposed. It is through their efforts that justice will be served, and those responsible for the cover-up will face the consequences they so rightfully deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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