CNN Attacks Oklahoma Superintendent for Including Bible in Curriculum

In a recent episode on CNN, the network took aim at Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters for his decision to include the Bible in the curriculum for grades five through twelve. Walters defended his directive as a means to ensure students understand the foundational values and historical context of the country, citing the significant influence of the Bible and the Ten Commandments on America’s founders and constitution.

CNN’s Pamela Brown wasted no time in questioning Walters about the content of the Bible, insinuating that teaching about topics like beheadings, rape, and incest was inappropriate for children. Walters stood his ground, emphasizing the importance of accurately teaching history and criticizing the left for driving the Bible out of schools.

Despite Walters’ efforts to explain the educational value of including the Bible in the curriculum, Brown persistently pushed her biased agenda, focusing on controversial aspects of the Bible and labeling it as pornographic material. Walters continued to highlight the historical significance of the Bible in American culture and its relevance to key events and figures throughout history. 


While CNN attempted to paint Walters as promoting extreme teachings, he remained steadfast in his belief that teaching the Bible is essential for providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the country’s heritage. He emphasized the importance of factual and balanced education, free from the left’s attempts to censor or distort history.

In the face of CNN’s biased interrogation, Walters defended his decision to incorporate the Bible into the curriculum not as a tool to glorify violence or controversial content, but as a means to enrich students’ knowledge of American history and values. Despite the network’s attempts to twist the narrative, Walters advocated for a more accurate and inclusive approach to teaching that embraces the country’s cultural roots.

Written by Staff Reports

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