Hunter Biden Takes Center Stage at White House Amid Scandals and Advisor Shake-Up

Hunter Biden, the president’s scandal-plagued son, has once again surfaced at the White House. And no, he’s not there to misplace suspicious white powder in the West Wing this time. Instead, he’s playing advisor-in-chief since his father’s abysmal debate show against former President Donald Trump, and conservative Americans couldn’t be more amused and outraged.

According to reports, Hunter Biden has taken it upon himself to interfere in White House meetings, much to the shock and bewilderment of President Joe Biden’s aides. Apparently, Hunter feels that the brains behind Biden’s operation aren’t up to snuff, and considering the current state of affairs under this presidency, he might accidentally have a point.

Meanwhile, it’s not just Hunter Biden getting in on the action. Several Democrats are pushing for their octogenarian leader to bow out of the 2024 presidential race. But Hunter and the rest of the Biden entourage, including First Lady Jill Biden, have been urging the president to stay in the game. One can hardly blame them; if Joe steps down, it might signal the end of the gravy train that’s been chugging along since Joe’s Senate days in the ’70s.

Interestingly, political commentators like Ben Shapiro have their theories. Shapiro asserts that the Biden family’s insistence on Joe’s continuation isn’t born out of patriotic zeal but a simple craving for money. According to Shapiro, if Joe Biden exits the race, the fiscal faucet stops flowing for the Biden clan. That means Jill Biden may have to rely on more than her borrowed political clout to get ahead. Hunter might have to trade his fingerpaints for actual work, and Biden’s brothers and sister would have to find income sources that don’t involve exploiting Joe’s title.

This situation has left senior White House staff scratching their heads. Reports from The New York Times and Politico reveal that President Biden’s catastrophic debate crash is being blamed on his advisers, perhaps as a convenient scapegoat to excuse the evident inadequacy of the man with the top job. Among those catching heat are former White House chief of staff Ron Klain, senior adviser Anita Dunn, and personal attorney Bob Bauer.

Adding another layer to this soap opera, Hunter Biden was recently convicted of three felonies related to false statements about his drug use on a federal firearms form back in 2018. Some might say having him as an unofficial advisor is a move akin to letting a fox guard the henhouse.

In light of all this, one can’t help but see the undeniable irony: Joe Biden, who promised to restore dignity and decorum to the White House, now finds his administration tangled in its own snares of incompetence, familial interference, and ongoing scandal. Joe’s campaign slogan might still be “Build Back Better,” but the walls around the family’s questionable dealings seem to be the only thing getting built back.

Written by Staff Reports

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