Liberal Hollywood Icon Blasts Biden and Democrats Calls for Dems to Pull All Funding

Damon Lindelof, the mastermind behind the television series Lost and a known Hollywood supporter of liberal causes, has come out swinging against Joe Biden and the entire Democratic party. In a scathing op-ed for Deadline, Lindelof called for a drastic measure he dubbed the DEMbargo, urging Democrats to halt all financial support for Biden’s campaign and other party candidates.

Lindelof didn’t mince words, declaring that it’s time for Democrats to “wake the fuck up” and acknowledge Biden’s floundering campaign. He painted a bleak picture of Biden’s chances against former President Donald Trump, labeling Trump as a “liar, cheater, rapist, felon.” The Hollywood figure lamented the dire state of Biden’s polling numbers, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. 


The Hollywood elite’s call for replacing Biden on the ticket isn’t an isolated sentiment. Ari Emanuel, another prominent figure in Hollywood, echoed similar concerns about the Biden campaign. With growing dissatisfaction among Democrat donors and voters alike, the pressure to find a viable replacement for Biden is mounting.

Despite the chaos within the Democratic ranks over potential alternatives like Vice President Kamala Harris, the practicality of replacing Biden remains a significant hurdle. Legal constraints in various states could complicate any last-minute changes to the ticket, leaving Democrats in a bind as they grapple with the implications of sticking with Biden.

As Democrats find themselves at a crossroads, the internal strife over Biden’s candidacy underscores the deep divisions within the party. Lindelof’s bold stance reflects a broader discontent among liberal circles, setting the stage for a tumultuous road ahead for the Democratic party’s electoral prospects.

Written by Staff Reports

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