CNN Fearful: GOP’s ‘Verbal Jiu-Jitsu’ Crushing Left’s Agenda

In an article from CNN, of all places, Senior Writer John Blake attempts to discredit the strategic genius of Republicans by referring to their skillful use of language as “verbal jiu-jitsu.” It’s as if he’s trying to downplay their intellectual prowess by comparing them to martial artists. But let’s not be fooled by his attempts to diminish the conservative approach to political discourse. The truth is, Republicans have mastered the art of turning their opponents’ words against them.

Take the word “woke,” for example. Originally meant to describe someone who is aware of social injustice, it has now been transformed into a derogatory term by conservatives. And rightfully so! Being “woke” has become synonymous with being a mindless follower of far-left ideology. It’s like a virus that infects people’s minds and turns them into mindless social justice warriors. Kudos to the Republicans for exposing the dangers of this misguided movement.

But it’s not just the word “woke” that Republicans have successfully redefined or tarnished; they have done the same with other left-wing phrases like “critical race theory,” “diversity,” and even the word “liberal” itself. These terms have been co-opted by the left to push their radical agenda, but conservatives have fought back by exposing the flaws in their arguments.

Contrary to CNN’s biased portrayal, conservatives have never shied away from direct rebuttals to the left’s agenda. They have clear proposals to secure the border, give parents a say in their children’s education, rein in excessive government spending, and project strength against our adversaries. It’s not about avoiding opposing arguments; it’s about presenting a more reasonable and practical alternative to the left’s radical ideas.

And let’s not forget the importance of branding. Conservatives have learned from past debates where they lost ground because they failed to effectively brand their positions. But those days are long gone. Republicans have become masters of messaging, investing in think tanks, linguists, and focus groups to test their words and phrases. Meanwhile, Democrats have dropped the ball when it comes to communication.

CNN’s analysis even admits that conservatives have put more effort and discipline into their messaging. Perhaps if liberals stopped dominating higher education and critical cultural institutions, they would have a better understanding of effective communication. It’s no wonder Americans are seeking alternative sources of information, considering the biased and one-sided narratives pushed by outlets like CNN.

But winning the messaging battle is not the end goal for conservatives. It’s about winning the war against harmful ideologies like critical race theory and forced diversity. We can’t let our guard down just because we’re ahead in the messaging game. We need to continue exposing the flaws in the left’s arguments and offering viable solutions that align with our conservative values.

So, if CNN is worried about conservative messengers playing a decisive role in the 2024 presidential election, that’s a good sign. It means we’re doing something right. As conservatives, we must redouble our efforts to win on both the messaging and policy fronts. We can’t let the left’s smears and propaganda overshadow our message. It’s time to buckle up and prepare for a battle of ideas that will shape the future of our great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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