CNN Host Calls Tucker Carlson a Right-Wing Extremist After Twitter Announcement

Former CNN host Brian Stelter has recently shared his opinion of Tucker Carlson’s decision to stream his show via Twitter, saying it will make Twitter a “right-wing website.” Stelter expresses his concerns by highlighting that Twitter was already under public scrutiny for spreading misinformation, disinformation, and extremist content before Elon Musk took over. He further points out that with Carlson now streaming his show on the platform, it is going to take things to another level.

Stelter’s thoughts were echoed by his former employers at CNN, who wrote a tweet and article branding Tucker Carlson a “right-wing extremist” for relaunching his show on Twitter and praising it as “the only remaining large free-speech platform in the world” after Fox News fired him late last month. This is unsurprising given CNN’s notoriously left-leaning bias.

Elon Musk, who owns Twitter, has been open about his dislike for the cancel culture, which has become prevalent in other tech giants. He clarified that Carlson and Musk do not have any financial agreement in place and underlined that Carlson, like other content creators on the platform, would be subject to the same rules and rewards.

Musk’s statement also highlighted that Twitter is a two-way street, meaning that people are free to interact, critique and refute whatever is being said. If anything misleading is said, it will be flagged out for the masses to see, as is the case for all forms of social media.

Lawyers for Tucker Carlson and Fox executives have been embroiled in legal battles since shortly before the Twitter announcement, with the primary accusation being a breach of contract from Fox News. Despite his contractual obligations to Fox until 2025, Carlson saw it fit to continue to showcase his voice on other platforms of his choosing. It is only a matter of time before we see what other content creators the platform attracts.

Overall, Tucker Carlson’s decision to join Twitter is a symbol of free speech and open expression, which is something that the left can never match. Liberals always try to shut down voices they don’t agree with, but true conservatives aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Written by Staff Reports

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