WATCH: National Guard Arrives At Southern Border In Riot Gear

In a dramatic show of force, Texas National Guard troops donned riot gear and arrived at the southern border to stem the waves of migrant invaders pouring in. Cities such as El Paso had already declared emergencies as tens of thousands of people were expected to swarm into the country, and these troops were welcomed as a show of strength and support for the beleaguered border security agents trying to hold back the flood.

A video from Brownsville shows a sizeable contingent of National Guardsmen outfitted with riot gear and ballistic shields, equipped to handle any threats they may face. Another video shows troops bravely blocking a massive stream of migrants attempting to enter the country illegally through the Rio Grande River- clearly demonstrating the success of their training.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott praised the “Great work by Texas National Guard and Texas DPS,” in a tweet, a marked contrast to the offerings of President Joe Biden, who had sent out an ineffective group of 1,500 troops, mainly tasked with transportation and processing.

Biden’s weak and ineffective response was further exposed when he reversed a Trump-era immigration policy, while failing to reverse his decision on Title 42. Now, migrants encountered under Title 42 will no longer be returned to their countries of origin or Mexico, meaning there will be no end to the flow of illegal immigrants driven by Biden’s open-door policies.

According to data from US Customs and Border Protection, Title 42 has resulted in the expulsion of over 2.8 million migrants at the US-Mexico border since its implementation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Border officials warn that if this policy is not upheld, it could lead to the entry of more than 700,000 migrants. Unfortunately, it seems as though Biden’s commitment to America’s security is even weaker than we initially thought.

Written by Staff Reports

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