CNN Hosts Busted Editing Trump Clip to Fuel Bias!

In a recent town hall interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, former President Donald Trump addressed media claims that he would abuse the power of the presidency if re-elected. Hannity asked Trump if he had any plans to abuse power, break the law, or use the government to go after people. Trump responded by saying, “You mean like they’re using right now.” He went on to discuss the “made-up charges” and “nonsense” that he believes have been brought against him.

Hannity further pressed Trump, asking if he would ever abuse power as retribution against anybody. Trump responded with a touch of wit, saying, “Except for day one.” He clarified that on day one, he would close the border and focus on drilling for oil, but after that, he would not act as a dictator. Trump’s comments were lighthearted and in line with his prior policies as president.

Naturally, some media outlets jumped on Trump’s “dictator” comment, using selective editing to support their narrative. CNN’s “New Day” program even played a clip without providing the context of Trump’s full statement. Hosts Poppy Harlow and Alayna Treene reacted with alarm, suggesting that Trump’s remarks were a threat to democracy. However, Republican strategist Lee Carter, who was also a guest on the show, pointed out the selective editing and lack of context.

Despite the clarification from Carter, Harlow continued to imply that Trump’s comments should be taken at face value. She asked if people shouldn’t believe him, but Carter reiterated that Trump’s statement was more about leaning into criticism and not a genuine declaration of becoming a dictator. Carter explained that Trump’s supporters understand his communication style and appreciate his willingness to shake things up in Washington, D.C.

It’s clear that some media outlets are determined to twist Trump’s words and mislead the public. They continue to push their own narrative rather than providing accurate reporting. Thankfully, there are voices like Lee Carter and others who are willing to challenge these misleading narratives and provide context.

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