CNN Ignores Shifting Electorate Keeps Outdated Trump-Biden Map

CNN’s “Road to 270” election projection map, launched in January, is in dire need of an update. Despite promising to reflect the changing realities of the race, CNN has failed to revise their initial projection, leaving Trump ahead with 272 electoral votes to Biden’s 225. It’s been nearly six months, and the dynamics of the race have shifted significantly.

Trump’s strength in Michigan has waned, potentially moving the state into toss-up territory, while he has gained ground in Arizona. With these changes, Trump could be just two electoral votes away from victory at 268. Additionally, new battlegrounds in Minnesota and Virginia have emerged, adding further complexity to the electoral map.

Notably, Pennsylvania, where Trump initially held a slight lead in January, now sees him leading by 2.8 points. This, combined with other factors, would significantly bolster Trump’s electoral count. Despite ample polling data available for an update, CNN has inexplicably chosen to keep their map stagnant, ignoring the shifting dynamics that favor Trump.

By failing to revise their projection, CNN is doing a disservice to their audience by not accurately reflecting the current state of the race. The data suggests that Biden’s position has weakened since January, making it increasingly difficult for him to secure the necessary electoral votes for victory. It’s clear that CNN’s biased reporting is hindering a fair and updated analysis of the presidential race.

Written by Staff Reports

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