Trump Leads Biden in Georgia Polls Ahead of Key Debate

Joe Biden might be the sitting President, but Donald Trump is the one with the wind in his sails heading into Thursday’s presidential debate in Atlanta. A fresh poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives the 45th president a five-point lead over Biden in Georgia. Quite the achievement, especially with a prosecutor from the Peach State trying to send Trump to the slammer.

The polls show Trump leading 43 percent to Biden’s 38 percent among likely voters—comfortably outside the 3.1 percent margin of error. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who didn’t get invited to Thursday’s debate, snagged 9 percent.

This lead in Georgia is more than just a feather in Trump’s cap—it’s a repudiation of the Democrats’ aggressive legal maneuvers. From Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willis to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and federal special counsel Jack Smith, efforts to politically kneecap Trump are not landing with voters. Instead, they’ve highlighted Trump’s resilience. Few can claim to have a grand jury indictment hanging over their head and still be a credible candidate, let alone a leading one.

Georgia voters seem unimpressed with Willis’ prosecutorial theatrics, which is now on hold as an appeals court scrutinizes the tainted case plagued by a tawdry affair that gouged Fulton County taxpayers. Such shenanigans don’t play well in the Peach State. Nationally, even Trump’s detractors have to admit the relentless legal harassment has only amplified his already robust appeal.

In other areas, like Smith’s cases against Trump, the folks see some sanity in the mix. U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida is reportedly on the verge of challenging Smith’s appointment, raising constitutional questions about his role. Meanwhile, other polls are starting to paint a similar picture: Americans aren’t buying the prosecutorial circus aimed at Trump.

So, Trump will stride into CNN’s Atlanta debate with a tangible lead and plenty of momentum despite the network’s frosty relationship with him and its biased moderators. For the Democrats hoping to see Trump labeled persona non grata due to their legal broadsides, October’s polling news just dialed down their dreams. All eyes on the debate will be a critical moment in this high-stakes showdown.

Written by Staff Reports

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