Hillary Clinton Obsesses Over Trump in Latest New York Times Op-Ed

Hillary Clinton, the woman who can’t seem to let go, is once again making headlines for her unrelenting obsession with President Donald Trump. After her humiliating defeat in the 2016 election, you’d think she would have moved on by now, but nope, she’s still out there trying to convince anyone who will listen that Trump stole the election from her.

Is it any wonder her mental health seems to be on shaky ground? The woman was so convinced of her inevitable victory, only to have it ripped away in a stunning turn of events. Now, instead of seeking proper help to cope with her loss, she’s doubling down on her delusions by claiming Trump’s debate tactics are so nonsensical that they’re not even worth debunking.

In her recent New York Times op-ed, Clinton aims for Trump’s debate performance, suggesting that the bar is so low for him that as long as he doesn’t burst into flames on stage, he’ll be considered presidential. She also tries to downplay Joe Biden’s debate preparedness, insinuating that being the incumbent is somehow a disadvantage in such a showdown.

But the most alarming aspect of Clinton’s behavior is her relentless fixation on Trump. Despite it being almost eight years since her defeat, she still can’t seem to let go of her bitterness and is laser-focused on criticizing the man who bested her. It’s like she’s stuck in a never-ending loop of resentment and cannot move forward.

The sad reality is that Clinton’s inability to move on is detrimental to her well-being and the political discourse in this country. By constantly harping on the past and fueling divisiveness, she is doing a disservice to the American people, looking for real solutions to our nation's issues.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to take a step back, reflect on her actions, and maybe, just maybe, consider seeking the help she so clearly needs to finally move on from the past and focus on constructive ways to contribute to the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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