CNN Legal Analyst Sides with Trump: Gag Order Lifted and 14th Amendment Debunked!

On Monday, CNN’s top legal analyst, Ellie Honig, shockingly sided with former President Donald Trump on his legal battles. Can you believe it? Even the left-leaning CNN can’t deny the truth! The whole controversy revolves around a pesky gag order that limits discussions about court staff and specific attorneys involved in the case. But fear not, because a New York appeals court has finally lifted that order, giving Trump the freedom to speak his mind.

Justice Arthur F. Engoron, who is presiding over Trump’s bank fraud trial, had initially imposed the gag order on the former President due to some comments he made. But now, that order has been rendered useless, at least for the time being. The ball’s in Trump’s court, and he can unleash his opinions like a coiled-up spring.

Even CNN’s legal expert, Ellie Honig, had to admit that Trump has every right to criticize his charges, the judge, the prosecutors, basically everything. It’s called freedom of speech, liberals! And it’s refreshing to see someone from CNN acknowledging that. Honig even goes on to express doubts about using the 14th Amendment to disqualify Trump from holding office. Finally, some sanity!

The 14th Amendment has been the weapon of choice for those who desperately want to keep Trump away from the presidency. But Honig has been waving the red flag, warning that it’s time to move on. He points out that there’s no clear procedure for disqualification and no successful legal efforts in various states. It’s like beating a dead horse, folks. Let’s focus on something productive, shall we?

Even the courts seem to be on Trump’s side. In Michigan, a judge dismissed a lawsuit that aimed to disqualify Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot using the 14th Amendment. They ruled that the amendment doesn’t apply to this situation and that the decision doesn’t fall under the Michigan Secretary of State’s jurisdiction. Look at that – a victory for the former President and a blow to his opponents!

And let’s not forget about Minnesota, where a Supreme Court judge also dismissed the same lawsuit. The argument was that Trump’s objections to the 2020 election violated a section of the 14th Amendment. But the court said, “Nah, not buying it.” It’s clear that all these attempts to use an outdated Amendment against Trump are just flimsy excuses from sore losers.

Now, the state of Colorado is facing the same legal battle. But let’s be real, folks. We all know how this will end. Trump is currently the favorite to win the next presidency, and no amount of 14th Amendment shenanigans will change that. The people have spoken, and they want Trump back in the White House. Let’s hope the courts and the liberal elites get the message and stop wasting everyone’s time.

Written by Staff Reports

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