CNN Moderators Fail to Shield Biden as He Falters in Debate Against Trump

CNN’s continued love affair with the Democrat Party took center stage yet again, as expected, during last week’s debate. The network, notorious for its anti-Trump escapades, rolled out moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, both well-known for their anti-conservative drivel. The worry wasn’t unfounded; many believed the deck was stacked against Trump from the get-go.

The debate rules were laughable, resembling more of a sanitized nursing home recital than a serious political showdown. Mute buttons and an empty auditorium were thought to be a boon for Biden’s team, supposedly giving their man a chance to shine without distraction. But, in an ironic twist, these very guidelines spelled disaster for Sleepy Joe. Despite Bash and Tapper delivering moderately probing questions from the 2024 issues playbook, the night quickly turned sour for Biden.

One curious moment had Dana Bash making some cryptic gestures towards her co-moderator. Speculation ran wild—was she signaling to Biden? Was there some covert operation unfolding on live TV? Social media lit up like a Christmas tree with clips and theories. Yet analyzing this as some sort of secret Democratic semaphore became almost redundant, given Biden’s self-inflicted implosion.

The spectacle of Biden floundering was a sight to behold. Not even his media cheerleaders could steer him away from the carnage. Trump, displaying strategic brilliance, allowed Biden to rant on uninterrupted, exposing his opponent’s incoherence for all to see. With Biden’s disastrous performance, the narrative shifted; Trump’s competence and strength juxtaposed against a visibly bewildered President.

The Republican game plan must now adjust accordingly. Biden’s cognitive and age-related issues are no longer just speculative; they are glaringly evident. Republicans should pivot towards dismantling his slipping agenda. The chaos within the Democratic Party is palpable—wildly spinning narratives, internal discord, and an executive office seemingly out of control. The time is ripe to underline just how disarrayed and ineffective the current administration is.

In conclusion, the Democrats’ troubles are manifold and the stage is set for Republicans to capitalize on this unraveling spectacle. Unfortunately for Biden and his allies, no amount of CNN hand signals or media bias can conceal the dysfunction plaguing the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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