DNC Scrambles to Formalize Biden’s Nomination Early as Internal Concerns Mount

A recent report has surfaced, indicating that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is contemplating formalizing Joe Biden’s nomination earlier than planned to silence discussions about replacing him on the ballot. This development comes on the heels of Biden’s lackluster performance in the recent presidential debate, underscoring his inadequacy for both governing and campaigning.

According to Bloomberg, sources within the DNC have suggested a potential date of July 21 for Biden’s formal nomination, which coincides with a virtual meeting of the convention’s credentials committee. The move to expedite the nomination process aims to dispel concerns within the Democratic party about Biden’s cognitive decline becoming more apparent to the public.

The DNC has already adjusted its rules to accommodate changes in convention dates and voting procedures, with the Convention Rules Committee now overseeing the issue. This shift in jurisdiction highlights the party’s efforts to streamline the nomination process amidst growing internal turmoil and calls for Biden to step aside.

While fast-tracking Biden’s nomination could help mitigate internal conflicts within the DNC, it also raises questions about the party’s contingency plans in case of a replacement after the convention. The DNC’s ability to fill a vacancy in the nominee for President or Vice President due to “disability” after the convention adjourns adds a layer of complexity to the situation, especially considering the varying ballot deadlines in different states.

The Democrats’ maneuvering to ensure Biden’s spot on the ballot reflects their willingness to bend rules to achieve their objectives, even if it means navigating a convoluted path to uphold their preferred narrative. As the situation continues to evolve, one thing remains clear – the Democratic leadership will stop at nothing to maintain control and push their agenda forward. Stay tuned for further developments in this ongoing saga.

Written by Staff Reports

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