CNN Mutes Mics to Shield Biden in Upcoming Presidential Debate

With mere hours remaining until the first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, CNN is flexing its notorious bias muscles right out of the gate. The network, which will host the debate at its Atlanta headquarters, has announced its ingenious plan to mute each candidate’s microphone when it’s not their turn to speak. What better way to protect a floundering president?

CNN’s star anchor, Victor Blackwell, took to social media to showcase this one-of-a-kind gimmick. In a demonstration with CNN’s chief domestic correspondent, Phil Mattingly, Blackwell revealed that a green light on their podiums would indicate when their microphones are live. The grand intention is plain to see: control Trump’s commanding presence while propping up Biden, who’s barely capable of stringing together a coherent sentence.

To say this setup feels targeted against Trump would be an understatement. The network’s playbook seems as transparent as ever. After all, CNN has a rich history of skewed coverage and blatant partisanship. The aim is clear — don’t let Trump humiliate Biden by bringing up the inconvenient truths of the last four years. Conservative voices have been quick to call out this blatant rigging.

Philip Anderson, a known conservative activist, was swift to express his disdain on social media. His point is unmissable: CNN is bending over backward to shield Biden from potential gaffes or senior moments. Anderson’s frustration mirrors a widespread sentiment among Trump supporters who see this as just another instance of mainstream media circling the wagons around Biden.

Commenters were equally critical, dubbing the arrangement “ridiculous” and noting CNN’s evident fear of giving Trump the free rein to voice his criticisms. People can see right through this blatant attempt to mute Trump’s powerful oratory skills.

Of course, the stage isn’t just set with biased equipment but also biased moderators. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, with long histories of anti-Trump commentary, will supposedly maintain order. Tapper famously disparaged Trump’s tenure, waxing lyrical about a “long national nightmare” ending after Biden’s 2020 win. Bash has been no less vitriolic, often harshly critical of Trump on air.

CNN’s moderators have already shown their cards. Just recently, during an interview with Karoline Leavitt, Trump’s press secretary, CNN’s Kasie Hunt abruptly cut the segment when Leavitt brought up Tapper’s comparisons of Trump to Hitler. Clearly, the network wants no reminders of its own entrenched partisan biases.

Whether it’s the debate format, a network dripping in bias, or partisan moderators, Trump is undoubtedly stepping into an unfair battleground. One can only hope for an outcome where the American public sees through the charade. The evening’s revelations will be something to watch closely, as they will speak volumes about the state of our so-called “free” media.

Written by Staff Reports

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