House Energy Committee Urged to Prioritize Saving AM Radio for Public Safety

The movement to save AM radio is gaining traction in Congress, with the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act set for a crucial vote this Thursday. While some may question the necessity of this bill, especially in the age of podcasts and streaming services, the importance of preserving AM radio goes beyond mere entertainment.

This legislation's core is the need to maintain AM radio access in vehicles for public safety reasons. With our nation’s emergency warning systems relying heavily on AM radio signals, any move to phase out this technology could jeopardize the effectiveness of these crucial systems. It’s a matter of national security and ensuring that taxpayers’ investments in these public warning capabilities are not undermined.

Despite warnings from public safety officials and FEMA about the risks of removing AM radios from vehicles, some automakers have been deaf to these concerns. The bill serves as a necessary intervention to hold automakers accountable for their role in safeguarding public safety. It’s a reminder that corporate interests should not supersede the well-being of the American people.

The bipartisan support for this bill is a testament to its importance and the recognition that public safety should transcend party lines. Senators Ted Cruz and Ed Markey have spearheaded this effort, showcasing how bridging political divides is possible when a common goal is at stake. It’s a rare moment of unity in a polarized political landscape.

As the bill moves through the congressional committees, lawmakers must prioritize the protection of AM radio and the public safety benefits it provides. This is not just about preserving technology of the past but about safeguarding our nation’s ability to communicate vital information in times of crisis. Let’s hope that the House Energy & Commerce Committee sees the wisdom in saving AM radio and acts accordingly.

Written by Staff Reports

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