CNN Praises Hamas But Ignores Innocent Lives Lost

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t sink any lower in their biased coverage of Hamas, they find a way to surprise us yet again. This time, CNN’s Erin Burnett is practically drooling over Hamas’ alleged preparations for innocent hostages during their barbaric attack and massacre on October 7th. It’s truly astonishing how the liberal media fawns over terrorists.

Burnett goes on and on about the amenities apparently provided by Hamas to the hostages. She seems impressed that the tunnels have ventilation and air conditioning, as if that’s some kind of luxury. Meanwhile, Hamas is using toilet water because they can’t even provide basic necessities like clean water to their own people. But hey, at least they have shampoo and antibiotics underground, right? It’s truly mind-boggling that Burnett fails to acknowledge that Hamas is the reason why the citizens of Gaza are living in such dire conditions in the first place.

And let’s not forget about the tampons. Yes, Burnett is actually amazed that Hamas had the foresight to stock up on feminine hygiene products. What a noble cause they’re fighting for! It’s clear that Burnett is more interested in praising Hamas’ planning skills than in condemning their terrorist activities. This is the pathetic state of liberal media bias.

It’s important to remember that Hamas orchestrated a massacre of over 1,300 innocent Israeli civilians and visitors. Yet CNN is more interested in highlighting Hamas’ alleged preparations for the attack than in condemning their heinous actions. It’s a classic case of media manipulation and liberal agenda-pushing.

At the end of the day, Hamas is a terrorist organization hell-bent on the destruction of Israel. Their hostage preparations should not be lauded or admired; they should be condemned and exposed for the abhorrent acts they commit. Shame on CNN for once again showing their true colors and siding with terrorists over innocent lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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