CNN’s Tapper Warns Biden May Struggle in 2024 Election Due to Lagging Poll Numbers

CNN’s Jake Tapper, known for his Democratic leanings, gave a warning on his show about President Biden’s chances of winning re-election. Tapper pointed out poll numbers that show Biden trailing in key battleground states compared to other Democratic candidates. This is a troubling sign for Democrats as they gear up for the upcoming election. 


It is concerning to see mainstream media figures like Tapper acknowledge Biden’s struggles. Democrats are facing an uphill battle as Biden’s popularity dwindles, while former President Trump gains momentum. The fact that even Tapper is raising questions about Biden’s impact on the Democratic ticket speaks volumes about the current political landscape.

Senator Chris Murphy attempted to downplay the significance of the polls, insisting that Biden still has a lead in many swing states. However, the reality is that Biden is falling behind in crucial areas, which does not bode well for his re-election prospects. Murphy’s reliance on young voters and the abortion issue may not be enough to secure a victory for the Democrats. 


It is clear that Democrats are feeling the pressure as the election approaches. The growing skepticism surrounding Biden’s chances signals a potential shift in the political tide. If Democrats want to secure a victory in the upcoming election, they will need to address Biden’s shortcomings and find ways to resonate with voters effectively.

In conclusion, Tapper’s warning and the concerning poll numbers reflect a challenging road ahead for Democrats. Biden’s struggle to maintain support is a sign of the shifting political landscape. The upcoming election will be crucial for both parties, and Democrats must re-evaluate their strategies to stay competitive in the race.

Written by Staff Reports

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