Cocaine Confusion: Did Hunter Biden’s WH Stay Ignite A Sniffer’s Scandal?

Before his plea deal fell apart, Hunter Biden and his family visited the White House. This was quite the change for the former, who used to be a regular at shady motels. He then crashed at the president's home.

Hunter, the President's son, spent a couple of weeks in the White House, causing a stir by leaving his cocaine in the West Wing. He also participated in a state dinner, and enjoyed some Fourth of July festivities at Camp David.

It should be noted that Hunter is not the first member of the Biden family to live in the White House. The president and his family have a tradition of helping out their loved ones in times of need. The work environment might be affected by this, as most of the aides would rather not discuss the legal battles of Hunter. It seems they're in denial about the damage this could do to their chances of winning the 2024 election.

The day before Hunter's plea deal was set to be announced, the White House went on lockdown. The president's schedule was cleared, allowing Biden to oversee his son's legal issues. It's understandable why his aides didn't want the press to cover the proceedings, as it could potentially damage the president's reputation. After the plea deal fell through, the focus of the family drama began to shift.

The Washington Post, which is left-wing, is trying to make a sympathetic story out of Biden's son's troubles. The paper claims that the public should feel sorry for the vice president because he has to look after his troubled son, who is a drug addict.

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