Comer Reveals SHOCKING List of Biden’s Family Members Linked to Foreign Influence

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) has blown the whistle on Joe Biden’s family members for their shady dealings with foreign companies seeking to influence the American government. Comer revealed a list of nine family members of the President who are implicated in these dealings.

The list includes President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, his brother, the brother’s wife, the late son Beau’s widow, Hunter Biden’s current wife, and three children each of the President’s son and his brother. “So we’re talking about a grandchild. That’s odd. Most people who work hard every day don’t get a wire from a foreign national,” quipped Rep. Comer.

Ever since the Republicans took control of Congress in January, they have been investigating the Biden family and associates for deep connections with Chinese corporations and others from foreign countries, who reportedly paid them millions of dollars through various limited liability companies.

Moreover, the Oversight Committee has obtained bank records and released a report showing payments both to Hunter Biden and other family members going back 14 years, when Joe Biden first assumed the Vice Presidency under former President Barack Obama. Comer suspects that up to a dozen members of the family could have been involved in leveraging their access to power in Washington.

It’s doubtful that Joe Biden could be oblivious to this, given his family’s deep involvement in the dealings. However, the White House is preparing for what is expected to be a series of charges against Hunter Biden for lying about his taxes and a gun purchase. The latter is a felony, which could land him in prison.

Comer faces a make-or-break moment in his efforts to investigate the Biden family and must meet his own standard in claiming the investigation is tied to President Biden. Democrats are already dismissing the findings as politically motivated, with ranking Oversight Democrat Jamie Raskin (D-MD) calling it “innuendo and gossip recycled from prior claims.” Democrats are determined to cover up the truth and protect the Bidens at all costs, even if it means overlooking their shady dealings and corruption.

Written by Staff Reports

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