Sen. Johnson EXPOSES Hunter’s SICK Sex Trafficking Scandal

Republican Senator Ron Johnson recently made a startling allegation against Hunter Biden, claiming that he paid “tens of thousands of dollars for prostitutes that were sex trafficked through an international sex trafficking ring.” Johnson revealed in an interview with Fox News that the House Republicans have financial transactions that prove Hunter Biden’s misconduct.

It is no secret that Hunter Biden has been the subject of a number of legal investigations and accusations. He is currently in trouble for tax and gun violations, facing potential charges if found guilty. A 2020 report from Fox News suggested that Biden might be facing two misdemeanor tax filing charges, a felony tax evasion charge, and a false statement charge over a gun purchase.

Johnson believes it’s “galling” to hear President Biden talk about how “proud” he is of Hunter despite his various legal sagas. Johnson contends that the President enables Hunter’s questionable behavior by propping him up financially and offering to pay for around $100,000 of Hunter Biden’s bills during his extravagance period.

It is quite sickening to see how the media and people overlook Hunter’s deplorable act. The media has deliberately chosen to ignore or downplay the severity of Hunter’s situation, choosing to focus their attention on frivolous and trivial matters. One wonders why the media does not enjoy discussing Hunter’s conduct as a candidate’s son, yet they continue to sensationalize other stories.

In conclusion, Senator Johnson’s allegations and Hunter Biden’s illegalities should be of concern. While his father has publicly expressed his pride in him, the law must take its course. Hunter Biden must face up to his charges without interference or favoritism. The media must shift its focus to real news and stop downplaying Hunter Biden’s wrongdoings.

Written by Staff Reports

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