Tucker is BACK! Announces New Show on Twitter 33/0

Tucker Carlson, a prominent conservative figure beloved by many Americans, has made a comeback! Recently, he announced that his show will be returning on Twitter with the help of his former staff. Carlson’s decision to depart from Fox News and decline the remaining $25 million on his contract was based on his principles. He refused to be silenced until January 2025.

As expected, the mainstream media has tried to discredit Carlson by spreading rumors and speculations. Some suggest that his departure from Fox News was due to disagreements with the network’s executives over editorial content. Others speculate that Rupert Murdoch himself authorized actions to pave the way for Carlson’s departure, possibly because of his commentaries on the events of January 6th.

There were reports that suggested Carlson’s text messages, sent during the riot, could have been publicly revealed in court. Fox News was under scrutiny from a defamation lawsuit initiated by Dominion Voting Systems, which many conservatives had accused of manipulating the 2020 election results in favor of the Democrats. Fox News settled the lawsuit for $787 million, which was a fraction of the initial $1.6 billion claim. Following this settlement, Carlson and Fox News parted ways.

Despite efforts by the mainstream media to suppress Carlson and his conservative beliefs, he will continue to express his opinions. Carlson has a large and devoted following, which Fox News executives might envy. Fox News has been struggling lately, with declining ratings in their prime-time slots. They are being beaten by MSNBC in crucial demographics by an average of 35 percent. Even Anderson Cooper of CNN and Chris Hayes of MSNBC have taken over the highly-coveted 8 PM time slot, which was previously dominated by Fox.

As he goes independent, Tucker Carlson could make $25 million or more! To think that the left could ever muzzle him is preposterous. The sky’s the limit for Carlson, and we hope that his show’s return will help make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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