Communist Agitator Gets a Taste of LA Police Power at Parental Rights March!

On Tuesday evening, there was a battle between the far-left activists and the brave parents who are fighting against the harmful effects of the LAUSD's policies on our kids. The parents who organized the protest were outraged by the way the school district treated their kids.

In response to the alarming rise of child abuse and the Newsom War on Children, many parents took to the streets to voice out their concerns. They carried signs that stated "Leave Our Kids Alone" and "Newsom War On Our Kids." Some also wore white t-shirts to show their determination to fight against the forces that are trying to take over our kids.

Far-left protestors showed up and tried to cause trouble. They called the activists of parental rights groups hate groups and insulted them. It’s unbelievable that these leftists can’t understand the significance of freedom of thought and parental rights.

The confrontation started when the black-bloc anarchists and communists blocked the street outside the district headquarters. Despite the police's efforts to disperse them, the radicals continued to defy the officers. It is truly appalling to see such extremists disregard the law.

Leftists attacked the police officers who were trying to maintain peace. In one particularly distressing video, a communist activist was body-slamMED by the cops before he was apprehended. This emphasizes the consequences for violating the law, even for people who believe that their radical beliefs can get them away with it.

The parents who were supposed to march to their intended destination were stopped by the leftist groups, including anarchists, teachers, and left-wing radicals. Despite the obstacles they faced, the brave parents still vowed to continue fighting.

It's unbelievable that California is considering a bill that could classify parental inaction as child abuse. The bill would allow authorities to punish parents for failing to address their kids' gender identity.

This bill goes against the values that conservative families hold dear. It would prevent parents from raising their kids in a manner that they see fit.

Another bill would force leftist social priorities onto the education system of California. It would also limit the local school boards' power.

We must support the parents who are fighting to protect their kids from the harmful influence of leftist indoctrination.

Written by Staff Reports

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