Trump Skips RNC Debates, Still Dominates GOP Hearts!

Former and potentially future President Donald Trump is causing a stir by announcing that he won’t be participating in the upcoming RNC debates. Is anyone really surprised? After all, Trump knows he’s the best, and who needs debates when you’re already leading the pack? Fox News, the host of the first debate, even tried to keep Trump surrogates out of the spin room, but hey, who needs their biased spin anyway?

But let’s talk about what the people really think. Morning Consult released a survey revealing that most GOP primary voters actually want Trump to debate. Can you believe it? Even his supporters are saying, “Come on, Donald, show them what you’ve got!” A whopping 68 percent of potential GOP primary voters think Trump should participate, and among his supporters, that number climbs to 79 percent. Trump’s supporters have faith in their champion, unlike those wishy-washy establishment Republicans who tremble in fear at the thought of facing him on stage.

And get this — even when informed that Trump has no intention of showing up, a majority of potential GOP primary voters and Trump supporters still want him to be there. Talk about loyalty! It seems the people are more interested in hearing what Trump has to say than watching the other candidates fumble through their talking points.

The survey also revealed that most voters believe Trump should participate in all of the debates. Only a puny 17 percent think he should skip them completely. Seriously, who wants to miss out on watching Trump obliterate his opponents with facts and wit? Not me! Among Trump supporters, a whopping 58 percent want him to dominate all of the debates. They know Trump is a force to be reckoned with and they want him to prove it to the world.

Let’s not forget that Trump himself has already justified his decision to skip the debates. In a post on TruthSocial (the only platform that won’t censor him), he pointed to his massive lead in the polls as the reason for his absence. Why waste time with debates when you’re already winning? Trump knows better than anyone that actions speak louder than words, which is why he’s standing firm on his proven record of success.

Of course, the supporters of other candidates are throwing a hissy fit about Trump’s decision. Jessie Jane Duff, a Trump surrogate, fired back at them, reminding everyone that Donald is ahead and not about to lose his frontrunner status. Why should he debate when he’s already light-years ahead? Carly Atchinson from the DeSantis campaign had the audacity to question Trump’s absence, but Duff shut her down with facts. DeSantis is slipping in the polls, and no amount of mudslinging or interruptions will change that.

So, while others are scrambling for the spotlight, Trump remains unshakable. He’s sitting back, watching the chaos unfold, knowing that his track record speaks for itself. And with the upcoming RNC debates, Trump’s absence will surely give him the opportunity to solidify his position as the one true leader of the Republican Party. No matter who stands at the center podium, it’s clear that the Republican primary voters still want Trump to take the stage and showcase his unmatched prowess.

Written by Staff Reports

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