Conservative Leaders Urge Senate to Dismantle Big Tech Power

On Thursday, Mike Davis of the Internet Accountability Project spearheaded a letter urging Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to take decisive action against Big Tech's monopoly power. Townhall obtained an advance copy of the letter, which calls for the Committee to support legislation aimed at breaking up tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. The letter commends the Committee members for their expertise in competition, consumer policy, and antitrust law, and urges them to focus on three key bills designed to hold Big Tech accountable.

The letter specifically mentions the contributions of Senators Marsha Blackburn and Mike Lee, recognizing their leadership and success in promoting competition and protecting consumer rights. It also highlights Senator Josh Hawley's repeated warnings about the threats posed by Big Tech's influence on elections, COVID-19 guidance, and news dissemination. The letter also supports the Kids Online Safety Act, which aims to protect children from online harm.

Davis's letter underscores the urgency of holding Big Tech accountable for its unchecked power, noting how these corporations have manipulated public discourse without facing significant consequences. It calls on conservatives to seize a rare opportunity to curtail Big Tech's influence under the leadership of Speaker Mike Johnson in the House of Representatives.

In addition to Mike Davis, the letter was endorsed by other influential figures, including Aiden Buzzeti and Ziven Havens from the Bull Moose Project, Jon Schweppe of the American Principles Project, and bestselling author Geoffrey Cain. Schweppe, in particular, has written extensively about the dangers of 'Net Neutrality,' warning that it could lead to government-sanctioned censorship of online speech, a concern shared by many, including Townhall.

The letter's push for legislation targeting Big Tech signals a growing consensus among conservatives that these companies have amassed too much power and need to be held accountable to ensure a fair and open marketplace, protect consumer rights, and uphold democratic values.

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