Conservatives Say Biden Shows Weakness Over Hunter’s Legal Woes

Conservatives have a different view of Joe Biden’s worry over his son Hunter’s legal troubles than Democrats do. While Democrats have presented Biden’s concern as a caring father worried about his son, conservatives see it as more cowardly and less commendable.

According to a report from Politico, Biden’s worries about his son’s upcoming trials have only grown worse, with aides fearing he could suffer “psychological torment.” White House insiders apparently told Politico that staffers hesitate to even mention Hunter’s name in front of Biden, and that Biden has expressed his fear that his son will serve prison time as a result of the upcoming trials.

The trials, related to alleged illegal purchase of a firearm and tax issues, have caused Biden significant anxiety. While Biden maintains the habit of texting or calling his son once a day, his administration will not set up a “war room” to react to the trial. Instead, Hunter Biden and his lawyer will fend for themselves.

Conservatives argue that Biden’s worry seems less attributable to fatherly concern and more to the terror of his underhanded business dealings being revealed publicly. They also question if Hunter would have found himself in this mess had Biden been a more hands-on and caring father. Commentators note that just because Biden is a loving father does not mean he was also a good father.

Conservatives also point out that Donald Trump has faced far more legal turmoil and psychological stress, yet it’s claimed that Biden is the one at risk of being “dramatically impacted” by his son’s legal turmoil. This raises questions about Biden’s mental state and the attention he gives to being a father.

Overall, conservatives argue that Biden should focus on being a better father rather than desperately clinging to his presidency. They also emphasize the importance of the 2024 election, urging support for news outlets that prioritize telling the truth.

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