Rep Phillips Warns Biden Needs to Act on Inflation and Immigration to Avoid Political Wipeout

On the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Rep. Dean Phillips had some tough criticism for President Joe Biden. Phillips said Biden needs to wake up and smell the coffee – or in this case, the inflation and immigration crisis. Phillips warned that without a major course correction, it’s going to be a political wipeout for Biden and the Democrats.

Phillips didn’t hold back, pointing out that even states like Minnesota are up for grabs. He mentioned that President Trump gave Minnesota a close race in 2016, and now with Biden in the hot seat, things are looking shaky for the Democrats. Phillips urged his fellow Democrats to stop hitting the snooze button and start addressing issues like inflation and immigration before it’s too late.

According to Phillips, the numbers are starting to show what many have been feeling for a while – a wave of dissatisfaction with the current administration. He mentioned having chats with folks from both sides of the aisle in Minnesota who are shifting their views. Phillips even hinted at getting into the presidential race himself to shake up the Democratic primary. He believes that if Minnesota is a battleground, then the rest of the nation is following suit.

So, it seems like Phillips is sounding the alarm for Biden and the Democrats to get their act together before the voters hit them with a political reality check. Will they heed his warning and make the necessary adjustments, or will they end up hitting the snooze button one too many times and face a political wipeout? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – Phillips is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it means ruffling some feathers in his own party.

Written by Staff Reports

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