Convicted Arms Dealer Warns Trump: Your Life is in Danger

The notorious and convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout, also known as the “merchant of death” recently sent a dire warning to former President Donald Trump, stating that his “life is in danger” after being arraigned in Manhattan last week. As a staunch supporter of the former president, Bout urged Trump to come to Russia for his own safety and sanctuary, fearing that he could be the target of political persecution.

Bout explicitly warned that the legal proceedings against Trump, initiated by the Biden administration, would not end with a conviction or disqualification from office, but with his life being eliminated. He argued that the Biden administration, which he labeled as a genocidal globalist cabal, was further destabilizing the nation and seeking to turn America into an anarcho-tyranny, putting the future of humanity and life at stake.

Despite his incarceration, Bout still considers himself a patriot, loyal to his country, and committed to protecting people from oppressive regimes. He passionately believes that Trump should come to Russia to lead the rebellion against the globalists and to fight for the bright future of the planet.

The message from Bout, who was recently released in a prisoner exchange by the Biden administration for a WNBA player, echoes the concerns of many conservatives who feel that the Biden administration has continued to erode America’s core values and institutions. As an ardent believer in freedom and democracy, Bout’s words resonate with those who believe that the globalist agenda threatens to undermine America’s sovereignty and the principles that have made it a beacon of hope and opportunity for people around the world.

In conclusion, Bout’s message to Trump serves as a wake-up call to all conservatives that America is at a turning point, and it is imperative to stand up for the values that have made it great. The warning issued by the “merchant of death” should not be taken lightly, and conservatives must continue to fight for American exceptionalism and moral values to prevent the nation’s descent into anarchy and tyranny.

Written by Staff Reports

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