Letitia James Targets Trump’s Family in Latest Attack

Former President Donald Trump is headed back to New York City to face yet another questioning session from Attorney General Letitia James. This is just another attempt by the left to continue their witch hunt against a man who has done nothing but fight for the American people.

The questioning stems from a civil fraud lawsuit in which James is accusing Trump and his organization of manipulating asset values. The left is also targeting his children: Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, claiming that they should not be allowed to serve as officers or directors of any corporation registered or licensed in New York.

It’s ridiculous that the left is targeting Trump’s family members in this way. They are just trying to smear the Trump name and punish his family for their success. It’s completely unfair and un-American.

Trump will likely spend just one day in New York City before returning to his home in Florida. He has already pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of felony fraud in a separate criminal case, yet the left continues to pursue him.

In a primetime address from Mar-a-Lago, Trump detailed the many legal battles he is facing as a 2024 presidential candidate. It’s clear that the left is trying to undermine his candidacy with baseless accusations and investigations.

This will be the second time that James questions Trump, with the former president invoking his fifth amendment rights during the first session. It’s a shame that the left continues to harass and intimidate Trump and his family in this way, but the American people know the truth and will continue to support Trump in his fight against their unfair attacks.

Written by Staff Reports

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