New report exposes Biden’s involvement in Trump FBI raid

The Biden Administration has been caught red-handed colluding with the FBI in a politically motivated raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence. The raid occurred just prior to the 2022 midterm elections, raising serious questions about election interference.

According to America First Legal, a judicial watchdog, “records obtained from our investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Mar-a-Lago raid further confirm that the FBI obtained access to these records through a ‘special access request’ from the Biden White House on behalf of the DOJ.” It’s clear that the Biden Administration was coordinating with the DOJ to obtain Trump’s records, potentially creating a pretext for the law enforcement action.

The National Archives has misled Congress about the White House’s role in the raid, which only reinforces concerns about the Biden Administration’s lawlessness. To make matters worse, the special access statute authorizes requests for incumbent presidents only when the records are needed for “the conduct of current business” of the White House. Providing documents to the DOJ for a criminal investigation is not current business, and America First Legal is demanding that NARA turn over records related to the Biden White House’s involvement in this egregious violation of the American people’s trust.

“The evidence further suggests that Biden officials in the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Justice unlawfully abused their power and then lied about it to the American people,” said Reed D. Rubinstein, Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight and Investigations. “This government, it seems, acknowledges no limits on its power to harass, intimidate, and silence its political opponents.” This is a shocking attack on individual sovereignty and democracy itself.

The Biden Administration has repeatedly shown that they will stop at nothing to silence their opponents, no matter how unconstitutional their tactics may be. It’s imperative that the American people hold this administration accountable and demand that they respect the rule of law, especially when it comes to our elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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