Transgender Teacher Exposes Students to Harmful LGBT Politics

Insider reports that a transgender teacher in Georgia is leading a so-called “queer-centered micro-school” where the majority of the students are allegedly trans and actively involved in LGBT politics. Thea Canby is in charge of the institution, which accommodates individuals aged 11 to 17 years old. Taking the high-schoolers on field trips to the Georgia State Capitol to meet with lawmakers, Canby encourages the students to describe the discrimination and hate they purportedly face in public metropolitan schools. However, Canby appears to be using the school for other purposes, consistent with leftist propaganda.

These students are not only being exposed to outrageous political indoctrination, but also remain at risk of undergoing harmful gender-affirming healthcare practices. Such surgeries are deemed inappropriate for minors under Senate Bill 140, which is currently pending. Canby is allegedly exploiting her students in this way to promote trans rights in Georgia, while attempting to harm the mental and physical well-being of the most vulnerable among us.

Canby and her students also attend protests and rallies, where they stand shoulder to shoulder with others in the LGBT community. Throughout their participation, they reportedly face pronounced hostility and name-calling, receiving endless slurs and insults hurled their way. In reaction to the news, a political organization of gays and lesbians, Gays Against Groomers, had only one perspective to offer, calling the entire school “a groomer school”. They blasted the idea of a school that promotes and fosters gender ideology, which puts the children in danger-causing, “mind-manipulation” practices that occur in the so-called “re-education camps”.

It is essential to educate children, especially those in more vulnerable age groups, in a safe, healthy learning environment free of indoctrination initiatives like Canby’s program. The interjection of divisive, and harmful political goals and motives while making use of sensitive, vulnerable children, sets a poor example and can only cause more harm, not progress. Parents need to be aware of the underlying motives present in certain educators and be vigilant in ensuring that their children receive proper education without indoctrination programs.

Written by Staff Reports

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