Bud Light Sales PLUMMET After ‘Inclusive’ Marketing Campaign Backfires

In a bold move towards “inclusivity,” Bud Light Vice President of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid made the grave mistake of hiring a biological male who goes by the name of Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies himself as a “woman,” to be a brand partner. The result? Sales of the top-selling beer brand plummeted nationwide, causing a major uproar among consumers.

According to bar owners and beer industry experts around the country, Bud Light alienated its loyal and traditional audience in its reckless attempt to pander to the so-called “woke” culture. It seems that in Bud Light’s effort to be inclusive, they ended up excluding almost everyone else.

As a result of this disastrous decision, Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, saw sales of bottled products drop by a whopping 30% over the past week, while draught beer sales plummeted an astounding 50%. Even Fitter’s Bar, a local St. Louis establishment, saw a catastrophic decrease in Bud Light sales among loyal and local consumers this week.

It is clear that consumers are fed up with the so-called “progressive” agenda being pushed by companies like Bud Light. Thankfully, many Americans are making it clear that they will not tolerate this type of pandering and virtue signaling. It is high time that these companies learn that their job is to sell their product, not push a political agenda.

In the meantime, Bud Light’s decision to embrace radical ideologies such as transgenderism has resulted in a catastrophic blow to the company’s bottom line. Perhaps it’s time for the marketing team at Bud Light to rethink their strategy and focus on what really matters: providing their customers with a great beer experience.

Written by Staff Reports

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