DA Bragg Now Targeting Jim Jordan! Files Outrageous Lawsuit

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has filed a lawsuit against House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, accusing him of overreach in meddling in state criminal prosecutions. In the court filing, Bragg demands a federal court to quash any subpoenas issued by Jordan on him, his current or former staff members, and label any future subpoenas invalid. Jordan recently subpoenaed former New York County Special District Attorney Mark Pomerantz, accusing him of politicizing the investigation into former President Donald Trump and allegedly encouraging Bragg to charge him.

Bragg indicted Trump on false business record charges following allegations that he reimbursed his former lawyer Michael Cohen for hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. In response to Bragg’s action against Jordan, it appears that the troublesome word ‘oversight’ has reared its ugly head with a jackboot to the neck of every conservative in the country.

Bragg believes that Congress has no power to meddle in state prosecutions, but Jordan has refused to back down. House Republicans have demanded that Bragg appears before Congress to explain his decision. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agrees with Jordan, asserting that the District Attorney has used federal funds to press frivolous charges against Trump.

It’s time for them to question Bragg before Congress and hold him accountable for turning the law into a political weapon. The foundations of equality before the law and state sovereignty are being rocked by socialist forces mobilizing against our democratic institutions. Let’s wait and see if the courts will uphold justice or bow the knee to the leftist mob.

Written by Staff Reports

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