Conway Cooks Up Spicy Strategy for Trump’s 2024 VP Pick

In a recent thought-provoking opinion piece published by The New York Times, Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to President Donald Trump, offered insightful perspectives on the selection of a vice-presidential candidate for a potential Trump White House return.

Entitled "Who Should Be Trump’s No. 2?”, Conway's piece sparked a lively discussion on the strategic considerations behind choosing a running mate. Drawing from her extensive experience within Trump's inner circle, she emphasized the importance of compatibility, loyalty, and effective governance over mere political calculations aimed at winning specific demographics or states.

Conway challenged the conventional wisdom of balancing the ticket geographically or demographically, suggesting that in today’s dynamic political landscape, such considerations might not be as relevant.

According to Conway, Trump's vice president should not only help him win but also possess the ability to govern effectively, especially in the face of pressing issues such as the border crisis, economic concerns, crime, and global challenges.

Highlighting the Democrats' focus on abortion as a rallying point, Conway underscored the importance of selecting a running mate who can challenge their narrative effectively.

She reflected on past election lessons, cautioning against selecting a running mate whose agenda or style doesn't align closely with the presidential candidate's. Conway also hinted at the strained relationship between Trump and his former Vice President, Mike Pence, particularly following the events of the 2020 election.

Conway pushed back against the notion that selecting a female vice-presidential candidate is solely about gender appeal, emphasizing the significance of shared values and vision.

She critiqued strategies aimed at appealing to moderates and independents, suggesting they might not be as effective as presumed, and cautioned against overreliance on identity politics.

Conway advocated for considering candidates of color, emphasizing the importance of representing the diverse constituents of the America First movement. She listed potential candidates like Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Byron Donalds, Wesley Hunt, Ben Carson, and Vivek Ramaswamy.

In conclusion, Conway left readers with the tantalizing notion that with Trump, the selection process remains unpredictable. Whether he chooses from the suggested candidates or surprises everyone with an entirely different choice, the anticipation for the upcoming election continues to mount.

Written by Staff Reports

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