Cotton Crusades Against Biden’s Border Blunders!

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) ain’t pullin’ no punches when it comes to slammin’ the Senate’s pro-migration border bill! This fella is riled up, y’all. He straight up said he’s gonna oppose this bill because it’s chock full of problems. He ain’t holdin’ back none, no sir!

Cotton done gone and called out ol’ Joe Biden, sayin’ he created this whole dang crisis on purpose! He’s demandin’ Biden puts the kibosh on them open border policies quicker than a hiccup. And let me tell ya, Cotton ain’t stoppin’ there. He’s listin’ off them specific issues with the bill faster than a cat on a hot tin roof!

He’s barkin’ ’bout how the bill lets Secretary Mayorkas grant asylum claims and American citizenship to them illegal aliens without even runnin’ it by the immigration courts. That’s like openin’ the floodgates to rubber-stamp amnesty! Cotton’s hollerin’ ’bout how this bill’s gonna turn the border into a free-for-all with work permits for anyone who says they want asylum. It’s like puttin’ out a welcome mat for more illegal immigration!

And that’s not all, folks! Cotton’s steamin’ mad ’cause this bill’s gonna give out 50,000 extra green cards every year for no good reason at all! It’s like Christmas come early for them illegal aliens. He’s also raisin’ a ruckus ’bout how the bill is gonna hand out taxpayer-funded lawyers to them folks. That’s like addin’ insult to injury, y’all!

But wait, there’s more! Cotton ain’t forgettin’ to mention how this bill’s gonna let Biden and Mayorkas keep on abusin’ immigration parole, handin’ out work permits like candy to anyone they claim has an ‘urgent humanitarian reason’ to stay. It’s like they’re playin’ fast and loose with the whole dang system!

Now, Cotton’s not the only one raisin’ Cain about this bill. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) are right there with him, hollerin’ and hootin’ against this mess of a bill. Daines is sayin’ he can’t support a bill that hands out taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal immigrants and throws billions at radical, open borders groups. They’re all lockin’ arms and standin’ firm against this bill, y’all. It’s a real showdown in Washington!

Written by Staff Reports

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