Creepy Joe Strikes Again: Biden Mistakes 6-Year-Old for 17!

Critics of President Biden immediately resurrected the infamous moniker "Creepy Joe" in response to his most recent perplexing encounter with a young girl in public. On Sunday, during a dinner honoring service members and their families, Mr. Biden approached a young girl who was adorned with what seemed to be Mickey Mouse ears. He enthusiastically proclaimed, "I adore your ears!"

Intrigued by her identity, he inquired of the hesitant girl, to which she timidly responded, "Catherine." Mr. Biden exclaimed in delight at her reply, "What a lovely name! "That is the name of my mother." However, in response to his inquiry regarding her age, he lightheartedly remarked, "Seventeen?" Only another girl could clarify, "No, she is six years old." Mr. Biden raised his head in mock astonishment and inquired, "Six?"

Social media commentators, in contrast to the Associated Press's account of his jovial interaction with the six-year-old girl, characterized the exchange as an additional abhorrent manifestation of Mr. Biden's conduct. C.J. Pearson, presenter of PragerU, was compelled to inquire, "Could someone kindly prohibit this individual from interacting with children?" The Proud Elephant account went even further by writing "This individual is a creep!!!" in all capital letters. Further remarks encompassed different iterations of the terms "ultra-cringe moment," "pure cringe," and "beyond creepy."

Prominent conservative analysts also commented on the conduct of Mr. Biden. Nick Arama, a contributor to RedState, urged the President to "cease sidling up to little girls" because the behavior persisted in being "obnoxious." Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, made a lighthearted remark, "I'm surprised he didn't attempt to sniff her," alluding to past occurrences at public events wherein Mr. Biden appeared to smell or kiss the hair of women and girls.

Mr. Biden is not unfamiliar with this conduct; comparable occurrences have transpired over the course of his political career. A 2015 incident in which he murmured and kissed the head of a 13-year-old girl during a swearing-in ceremony is highlighted in the article. The gesture aroused eyebrows, despite the girl's father, Senator Chris Coons, claiming she did not find the Vice President unsettling. Additional photographs showed Mr. Biden engaging in hair-rearranging with yet another young girl and kissing her scalp.

Mr. Biden stood behind Stephanie Carter, the spouse of former Defense Secretary Ash Carter, and placed his hands on her shoulders while murmuring in her ear during the 2015 inauguration. Despite her initial expression of unease, she subsequently justified Mr. Biden's actions as an act of solidarity. In July, Mr. Biden was observed gnawing on the shoulder of a young girl in Finland. These occurrences, in conjunction with him, have contributed to the censure surrounding his purported "creepiness."

In addition to engaging in comparisons, Mr. Biden has been observed toerously estimate the age of young females. He remarked on a girl's barrettes in 2021, "Man, I adore those barrettes in your hair." He jokingly remarked from the podium, "Sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed, she appears to be nineteen years old," in reference to an elementary school-aged girl. These occurrences have exacerbated allegations of improper conduct.

During a 2014 campaign appearance, former Democratic congressional candidate Lucy Flores accused Mr. Biden of positioning his hands on her shoulders, smelling her hair, and planting a "big slow kiss" on the back of her head. As images emerged depicting Mr. Biden engaging in unsettlingly intimate encounters with young girls and women, she asserted that these occurrences were not alone. Flores stated in an opinion piece for The Cut that Biden, without a doubt, never gave a second thought to how it made them feel, expressing her wrath and resentment.

"Creepy Joe Biden," a one-minute video published in 2019 by a pro-Trump PAC, detailed his numerous intimate encounters with women and girls. The video's purpose was to draw attention to what a significant number of individuals consider to be the President's improper conduct.

Given the ongoing dispute between detractors and supporters regarding the authenticity of Mr. Biden's interactions, it is indisputable that his conduct remains a contentious matter.

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