Cuomo Flirts with Trump Triumph, Ditches Biden’s Boat!

Talk show host and former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo stunned everyone during a recent chat when he suggested that America might actually be better off with former President Donald Trump back in the White House. Yes, you heard that right. Cuomo, who used to be all about the left, is now giving a nod to the man the left loves to hate.

In a wild interview with Patrick Bet-David, Cuomo made it clear he’s not convinced that President Joe Biden is doing a bang-up job. He even gave some props to Trump, saying America was in a better place under his watch and not as much under Biden’s.

His exact words? Well, he didn’t pull punches. He basically said that he’s not losing sleep over the idea of Trump getting another shot at the presidency because, and get this, he thinks America is bigger than any one person. That’s some pretty surprising talk coming from someone who’s spent years toeing the liberal line.

And don’t think Cuomo is saying he’s Team Trump now. He still wants to “see where we are at that moment in time” when he’s standing in the voting booth. Translation: he’s leaving the door wide open to vote for Trump, despite what all his liberal buddies might think.

But here’s the real kicker. Cuomo didn’t just talk about politics during this chat. Oh no, he also opened up about his own career and where it’s headed. After being axed from CNN and landing a spot on NewsNation, he’s not aiming to be the superstar he once was. Nope, he’s keeping it real and humbling himself, admitting that he’s not going to be a ratings giant again.

So there you have it, folks. Chris Cuomo is all about speaking his mind these days, even if it means dropping a bombshell or two. Who knows what he’ll say next, but you can bet people are going to be listening!

Written by Staff Reports

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