GOP Blasts Biden’s EV Overreach, Vows to Protect Freedom on Wheels

In a bold move to protect consumer freedom and curb government overreach, a fierce squad of more than 200 GOP congress members, spearheaded by the formidable Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI), have fired off a scorching letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Their demand? To slam the brakes on the Biden administration’s outlandish plan to force-feed electric vehicles (EVs) to the American public.

These gutsy Republican warriors are calling for a provision in the upcoming government spending bill for fiscal 2024 that would give the ol’ heave-ho to any moolah earmarked for implementing the administration’s harebrained rule. They argue that this rule, cooked up by the Environmental Protection Agency, would effectively mandate that more than two-thirds of all vehicles sold in the U-S-of-A be electric within a measly nine years. Now, that’s what we call government squeezing the joy out of life!

According to these fearless lawmakers, this EPA mandate is nothing short of a clobbering blow to the choices and affordability of cars, trucks, and SUVs available to hardworking Americans. Not to mention, it would only serve to boost America’s reliance on China – y’know, the country that seems to have its hands in everything.

But fear not, good citizens, for these champions of freedom are on the case! They’re determined to stamp out this dictate by ensuring that no funds will be allocated to bringing it to life. That’s right – they’re putting their foot down and standing up for your right to choose your own wheels. After all, who wants Big Brother telling them what to drive, anyway?

The noble 187 House Republicans and 35 GOP senators leading this charge argue that EVs might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that every American should be free to make their own decisions about their trusty steeds. They maintain that shoving electric vehicles down people’s throats would wreak havoc on America’s auto industry and the types of vehicles parked in driveways across the land. Furthermore, they point out that the current supply for electric vehicles is actually outpacing the demand, so why force something that folks may not want?

In a nutso move, the proposed EPA rule is aimed at having a whopping 50% of all new vehicles sold by 2030 be electric, thanks to the agency’s far-fetched 2027-32 vehicle emissions targets. Naturally, this headlong rush into EV territory has already ruffled the feathers of those on the right and car dealers alike. They’re barking that these targets are as realistic as unicorns and would put the kibosh on consumer choice, all in the name of some eco-friendly pipe dream.

Now that’s what you call putting the pedal to the metal when it comes to fighting off government overreach and preserving good old American freedom of choice! Keep fighting the good fight, Rep. McClain and company!

Written by Staff Reports

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