DC Attorney General Unleashes Unfair Chase on Top Conservative: GOP Fights Back!

James Comer, chairman of the Oversight Committee, and Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, are opposing the latest attempt by the left to intimidate and muzzle conservative activist Leonard Leo. They have no interest in it!

Recently, Jordan and Comer expressed their concerns to Attorney General Brian Schwalb of Washington, D.C., regarding his investigation into Leo in a letter to Schwalb. An influential conservative and constitutional scholar, Leo, is being unjustly singled out by a radical organization. However, Comer and Jordan have arrived to save the day!

Jordan and Comer raise concerns in their correspondence regarding the jurisdiction of Schwalb's office regarding this issue, given that Leo and the organizations with which he is affiliated are situated beyond the borders of Washington, D.C. Additionally, they express apprehensions regarding the possible violation of donors' privacy and freedom of association rights. These constitutional protections are of the utmost importance and must be upheld.

This investigation is manifestly a politically motivated assault on Leo and conservative nonprofit organizations. The left simply cannot accept the fact that Leo has shaped the Supreme Court so effectively. They are making every effort to suppress him and his associates. However, Leo will not back down. Leo essentially told Senator Whitehouse to "kick rocks" when he attempted to intimidate him with demands for information regarding his associates. More of this courageous conservative activism is precisely what we require.

In general, Jordan and Comer's support for Leo and conservative ideals is invigorating. It is time to cease these unfounded assaults and permit the free expression and association of individuals to thrive. Persist in your valiant endeavors, gentlemen!

Written by Staff Reports

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