Biden Confesses: Duped by AI Voice Mimicking Him!

On Monday, President Joe Biden took a break from napping to sign an executive order on AI, which is fancy talk for artificial intelligence. The President wants to make sure that AI companies keep making lots of money while also keeping our country safe. But here’s the funny part – even Biden himself got fooled by an AI-generated voice pretending to be him! During his speech, Biden said he heard a fake version of himself talking and joked, “When the h*ll did I say that?” It’s like the President is talking to Siri or something!

Biden said that AI has a lot of potential but also a lot of risks. He wants to make sure that bad guys don’t use AI to hack into our computer systems and cause chaos. You know, like when you want to play Fortnite but some hacker messes with the software and you can’t log in. Total bummer, right?

But let’s be real here, folks. This speech was classic Biden. He stumbled over some big words like he always does. It’s like he can’t read the teleprompter without messing up. I bet his staff writes the words in really tiny font to try and help him out, but it’s just not working. Maybe they should hire a speech coach or something.

Finally, we have Vice President Kamala Harris, also known as the ‘AI Czar.’ She said some nice things about Biden and called him a “leader.” But did you see that look on Biden’s face? It was like he couldn’t believe what she was saying. I don’t blame him, to be honest. It’s not every day that someone compliments Biden’s leadership skills. Maybe she was just trying to be nice. Or maybe she needs glasses. Who knows?

Written by Staff Reports

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