Deadly Blast Rocks Jerusalem: Freed Hamas Members Suspected!

In a deadly terrorist attack in Jerusalem, three Israeli civilians were killed and several others injured. The attack took place at a bus stop in the city during a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces. Hamas claimed responsibility for the brazen daylight attack, which occurred during the sixth day of the ceasefire.

The attack was captured on security footage from a nearby camera and showed two terrorists opening fire on unsuspecting people. Two off-duty Israeli soldiers and an armed civilian intervened, resulting in both terrorists being shot and killed. The attackers were identified as brothers Murad Nemer, 38, and Ibrahim Nemer, 30, who were known members of Hamas.

It was discovered that Murad Nemer had been jailed from 2010 to 2020 for his involvement in planning terror attacks from the Gaza Strip. Ibrahim Nemer had also been jailed in 2014 for his connection with Hamas, although his specific crimes were not immediately known.

Following the attack, the home of the attackers was raided by police, and several family members were detained. The victims of the attack were identified as Livia Dickman, 24; Elimelech Wasserman, a 73-year-old rabbinical judge; and Hannah Ifergan, who was in her 60s. Three other victims remained in critical condition as of Thursday afternoon.

This bus stop has unfortunately been the site of previous terrorist attacks. Last year, a bombing at the same location resulted in the death of an Israeli citizen. Hamas was quick to claim credit for the attack and hailed the Nemer brothers as “jihad-waging martyrs.” Despite the ceasefire, it is clear that the threat of terrorism persists in the region.


Written by Staff Reports

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