Biden’s Debt Absolution Stunt Misses the Mark for Young Voters

President Biden, the liberal superhero of student loan forgiveness, has once again swooped in to save the day for nearly a million borrowers! In an attempt to boost his declining popularity, Biden has sent an email to over 800,000 lucky individuals, congratulating them on their newfound freedom from the clutches of student loan debt.

As part of Biden’s crusade to “fix” income-driven repayment, these borrowers had their debts wiped clean after what seems like an eternity of waiting. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, though, as it turns out that these borrowers are not the fresh-faced young voters that Biden is desperately trying to win over. Instead, they are likely to be older individuals who have been in the student loan trenches for decades.

Despite the rosy picture Biden is trying to paint, the reality is that these debt forgiveness plans are about as elusive as Bigfoot. Thanks to administrative blunders and inefficiencies, borrowers have found it nearly impossible to achieve the debt relief promised to them. Only thanks to the Biden administration’s Department of Education reviewing and adjusting accounts have these borrowers finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

In his email, Biden pats himself on the back, praising his own “heroic” actions and urging these borrowers to share their stories of triumph over student loan debt. It’s an obvious attempt to distract from his plummeting approval ratings and regain the trust of frustrated voters. But for all his grandstanding, one thing’s for sure: Biden’s email won’t fix the mess he’s made of the economy, and it certainly won’t make a dent in the massive inflation crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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